Laws that Japan has for land-based sports betting

sports betting

There are certain restrictions on the various forms of gambling but there is an exception to few. The government of Japan bans all forms of gambling except for some sports betting. This is however set to change as the country is about to establish three 3win2u online casino in three locations. This will be Japan’s first line of malaysia online casino and in a country which is known for its gaming culture, the expectations are high. The Casino Administration Committee will oversee the gambling affairs in the country.


Even though gambling has had its battle in the country, its history can be traced back to as early as the 6th century when emperors used it as a favorite pastime in the course. The modern regulations were brought in 1907 to manage the affairs. This was also followed by the ban on the game and then World War 2 happened. Surprisingly, it is the same country that used gambling as a means to revive its economy that was devastated after the war. Horse racing, Bicycle, Toto, Lottery, Motor, and public sports are allowed to gamble.

Criminal Code Chapter no 23:

This is the law that prohibits and allows gambling/ betting in the country. It out rightly bans gambling but is silent on online wagering. There is no such clause that outlaws that. You are free to wager your money on online casinos that are operating outside the boundaries of Japan. However, the laws that regulate your bet and you will have to know your rights according to the law of the host country.

Integrated Resort (IR) Enabling Act:

Various steps were taken by the legislators to legalize gambling in early 2000, but their efforts took fifteen years to bear fruit. The bill was passed in 2018 where the casinos were allowed to be established in the form of Integrated Resorts under the Integrated Resort Enabling Act.


Addictions were one of the main things that were discussed when the gambling act was passed. This was a hindrance to legalizing casinos. There will be certain restrictions on the locals entering casinos. They will be allowed only three times a week, and on top of that, they will be required to pay a sum of 6000Yen as the entrance fee. This according to the lawmakers will curb and discourage addiction that they were so worried about.

Casino Administration Committee:

This committee will work on to regulate casinos and see if the guidelines are being followed properly or not. It will have the power to revoke and grant licenses.



Casinos will be built in three places – Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama. To procure the licenses, the race has already started. With the first casinos, Japan will add to a splendid gambling location. However, due to the current situation, it may take a little time before work is started. By the end of this year, the bids were to be closed. Japan indeed has a lot on its shoulders to achieve.


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