Clark County Business Entity Checklist

The Secretary of State’s office has gathered information from selected governmental agencies that may be helpful in determining the requirements for doing business in Nevada. It is important to note that these checklists are for general information only and do not have the force or effect of Nevada law, regulation or rule. Interested parties should ensure they have met all applicable laws and regulations in the appropriate jurisdictions and are encouraged to seek legal counsel for guidance.

checkbox 1. Business Entity Formation
checkbox 2. State Regulatory Agencies
checkbox 3. State Tax ID Number
checkbox 4. Federal Employer Identification Number – EIN
checkbox 5. State Business License
checkbox 6. State Retail Sales Permit
checkbox 7. State Gaming & Liquor Licenses
checkbox 8. State Employment Security Division
checkbox 9. State Labor Laws
checkbox 10. State Workers’ Compensation
checkbox 11. County Assessor’s Office
checkbox 12. County Building Permit
checkbox 13. County Business License
checkbox 14. County Fictitious Firm Name
checkbox 15. County Gaming & Liquor License
checkbox 16. County Zoning
checkbox 17. Additional Websites